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LJZ2-CNC-500×4200A(5000A) CNC Double Mitre Saw


CNC Double Mitre Saw
Product Details

Product Features

● Used for cutting profiles such as aluminum profile and curtain wall.

● Two heads cutting angle 90 45 67.5 (22.5) are available.

● Cutting dimension controlled by screw with high accurate drive and locate. Right head can achieve the setting location and feed the profiles automatically; can also use for cutting aluminum connectors.

● Japan CNC system adopted, which include PLC, touched screen, servomotor, and servodriver, photoelectrical switch, and photoelectrical cells etc. Complete Japan CNC system results high accuracy and smooth working.

● Uniform speed feed and smooth motion due to air-draulic damping cylinder.

● Saw blade feeding system adopts imported linear guide kinematic pair results high accuracy.

● Automatic protecting guards result convenience and safety.

Technical Parameters


Power supply:380V 50Hz

Input power:4.4Kw

Air pressure:0.5~0.8MPa

Air consumption:200L/min

Rotating speed:3400r/min

Cutting length:360~4200mm、360~5000mm

Cutting width:10~130mm

Cutting height:10~300mm

Cutting angle:90°、45°、67.5°

Saw blade standard:Φ500×4.4×Φ30×Z120

Overall dimension:5560×1750×1950mm

Consulting: LJZ2-CNC-500×4200A(5000A) CNC Double Mitre Saw
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