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LXF-235×100 Single-head Copy-routing Milling Machine


Single-head Copy-routing Milling Machine
Product Details

●The latest improved bearing seat structure can easily replace the belt, which completes the product structure.

●Precision machining linear bearing guides the movement of the cutter stable and flexible, easy to operate freely.

●Made from high finishing mill chuck with spindle taper, clamping the cutter easy.

●Excellent gas-oil atomized cooling system makes the milling processing effect better and the tool is durable.

Technical Parameters:

Air pressure 0.6~0.8MPa

Air consumption 10L/min

Input power 380V/50HZ

Input power 1.1kw

Spindle speed 12000r/min

Profiling range 235×100mm

Dimensions 870×700×1500mm

Consulting: LXF-235×100 Single-head Copy-routing Milling Machine
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