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LY6-50 Hydraulic Six-seat Punching Machine


Hydraulic Six-seat Punching Machine
Product Details

● The machine used for punching bores process.

● Hydraulic power station ensures stability and power equality. Exchange combined mold conveniently.

● Disk-type worktable, can install six sets of moulds at the same time.

● Through rotating the worktable, change the different moulds, high efficiency.

Model LY6-50

Input voltage 380V 50Hz

Input power 1.5kw

Motor rotation speed 1420r/min

Max. punch pressure 50KN

Travel 30mm

Max closing height 185mm

Die dimension 250×200×215mm

Overall dimension 900×900×1380mm

Consulting: LY6-50 Hydraulic Six-seat Punching Machine
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