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ST02 Two-component Silicone Extruder Machine


Two-component Silicone Extruder Machine
Product Details

The key parts are all original parts from the world-renowned brand-American GRACO.

The curing agent hydraulic system is equipped with two filtering devices to improve the uniformity and curing performance of the two components.

The basic pump, curing pump and proportional high-pressure valve port of the glue spreader are made of special alloy grinding with zero leakage.

The mixing system adopts the internationally popular static reciprocating belt mixer and imported mixing mandrel.

Technical Parameters:

Mixing ratio 6:1~14:1

Base tank 55 gallons (200L)

Hardener barrel 5 gallons (20L)

Maximum air consumption 0.8m3/min

Glue gas pressure ratio 50:1

Maximum working pressure of extrusion 29Mpa

Air pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa

Dimensions 1100×950×1630mm

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