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ST01 High-efficient Two-component Silicone Extruder Machine


High-efficient Two-component Silicone Extruder Machine
Product Details

ST01 high-efficiency two-component silicone extruder machine, its main motor is imported from South Korea, and the key mechanism parts are made of high-strength high-quality stainless steel through heat treatment, which greatly improves the reliability and durability of the two-component gluing machine and ensures the equipment The good quality.

The stainless steel linear flow mixer has the advantages of small working resistance, large glue output, uniform glue output, glue saving during glue flushing, convenient cleaning, no glue leakage, and the lightest weight.

The main motor adopts a dual air circuit control system, which increases the reliability of the equipment and reduces the failure rate.

The machine's glue mixing system adopts a hanging device, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.

The B-component pressure plate is equipped with two sealing gaskets, which reduces the leakage of the B-component pressure plate.

The B-component system adopts the first two filters of high-pressure output, which prevents impurities from entering the high-pressure system and improves the reliability of the machine.

Compared with the hydraulic type, this machine has fast glue output speed and low failure rate. It can flush the glue gun when the power is off.

Technical Parameters:

Mixing ratio 6:1-14:1

Base barrel 55galon (200L)

Curing agent barrel 5galon (20L)

Maximum air consumption 0.5m3/min

Maximum working pressure of rubber extrusion 20Mpa

Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa

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