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LM4S-100×1800×3000 CNC Four-head Corner Crimping Machine


CNC Four-head Corner Crimping Machine
Product Details

● Used for corner punching combination of aluminum window and door, four corners connecting at one time is available.

● Clamping device can auto move forward/backward, making the operation convenient.

● The frame is specially jointed by steel with high quality and special process.

● The CNC system imported from Lenze, Germany, with high quality ensures the speed and accuracy.

● The moment control function of the service system can auto-press the four corners, ensuring the processing effect.

● The corner-combining blade can be adjusted according to the requirement of different profile.

● One time corner crimping can control the seam and plane, make the quality foresight. ● The control system service system make the connect no-seam and improve the control accuracy.

Voltage 380V/220V

Rating power 7.5 Kw

Rating oil pressure 15 Mpa

Air consumption pressure 0.5-0.8 Mpa

Air consumption 0.8L once

Capability of oil box 60L

Corner crimping casing movement journey 0-50mm

Max frame dimension 1800 mmX3000 mm

Min frame dimension 480 mmX 480 mm

Profile width 93mm

Cater-corner error of finished windows +/-1mm

Connection seam error +/-0.15mm

Contour dimension(LXWXH) 4700X2000X 2600mm

Weight 2500Kg

Consulting: LM4S-100×1800×3000 CNC Four-head Corner Crimping Machine
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