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LXD-200 End Milling Machine


End Milling Machine
Product Details

● Used for aluminum and PVC mullion/transom end-milling to fit different frame.

● Milling the notch and step face of mullion/transom profile.

● Milling angle adjustable from 35、to 90、by angle ruler.

● Feeding system with linear bearing, ensure the accu rate and stable working.

Model LXD-200

Power supply 380V 50Hz

Input power 1.5kw

Air pressure 0.4~0.6MPa

Air consumption 100L/min

Motor rotation speed 2800r/min

Milling angle -65°~ +65°

Max milling range 200×42.5×75mm

Milling cutter diameter Φ115~200mm

Overall dimension 880×830×1390mm

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