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SHJ3-100/120×3500 Three-head Welding Machine


Three-head Welding Machine
Product Details

● The three machine heads can work independently or linked, and the combination is flexible.

● Programmable controller (PLC) controls welding actions/programs with high reliability.

● The process parameters are continuously adjustable, which can well meet the needs of different profile welding processes.

● Using high-quality electrical components, high reliability.

Technical Parameters:

Air pressure 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa

Air consumption 150L/min

Power supply 220V 50Hz

Input power 3.5kw

Welding profile height 20 ~ 100/120mm

Welding profile width 120mm

Welding range 400 ~ 3500mm

Dimensios 4300×1100×1700mm

Consulting: SHJ3-100/120×3500 Three-head Welding Machine
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