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SQJ-CNC-5 CNC Corner Cleaning Machine


CNC Corner Cleaning Machine
Product Details

● For PVC profile welding slags cleaning.

● Can clean multi-shaped welding slags, clean the up/bottom, outside ellipse and the outside vertical surface.

● It adopted Delta server and advanced LCD touched screen.

● It can store hundreds of programs, fit for various profile processing.

● It has characteristics of reliability, high processing quality & efficiency, easy operation.

Model SQJ-CNC-5

Input voltage 380V 50Hz

Input power 2.0Kw

Air pressure 0.5~0.8MPa

Air consumption 150L/min

Profiles width 20~150mm

Profiles height 20~150mm

Groove width 3±0.20mm

Groove depth 0.3±0.15mm

Overall dimension 1800×1000×1700mm

Consulting: SQJ-CNC-5 CNC Corner Cleaning Machine
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