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BX1600 Horizontal Glass Washing Machine


Horizontal Glass Washing Machine
Product Details

The rinsing sector and the water flow system all adopt the stainless steel and rotproof material which is durable.

The drying zone adopts sponge roller to absorb water and hot wind drying technology to achieve good drying effect.

The washing machines using the transmission system stepless speed regulation, and the high efficiency washing machine applications.

Power supply: 380V 50HZ

Total power: 8.45Kw

Transmission speed: 22m/min

Min glass size: 350×350mm

Max glass size: 1600mm

Cleaning glass thickness: 3-8mm

Brush: 2 pairs

Air knives: 1 pair

Overall dimension: 2500×2000×1100mm

Consulting: BX1600 Horizontal Glass Washing Machine
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