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LJJA-500 Heavy-duty Corner Connector Automatic Cutting Saw


Heavy-duty Corner Connector Automatic Cutting Saw
Product Details

●The machine is simple to operate, reliable performance, advanced technology, easy maintenance.

●Mainly used for cutting the material aluminum door Corner profile.

●A single setup, you can realize continuous cutting angle code 6 meters profile.

●Use the import control system, control system uses PLC, high degree of automation.

●The cutting tool adopts cemented carbide saw blade, which has high cutting speed, high productivity and high machining accuracy.

●Using the sub-feed motion linear motion bearing, a small movement resistance, high precision.

●Automatic feed mechanism feeding system, reliable, high efficiency.

●Interposed work, cutting adopt pneumatic control system, easy to operate, safe and reliable, high productivity.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 380V 50HZ

Motor power: 3.0kw

Motor speed: 2800r/min

Air pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa

Automatic feeding length: 5~500mm

Sawing width×height: 135×300

Saw blade specification: Φ500×Φ30

Dimensions (L×W×H): 2340×1400×1200mm

Consulting: LJJA-500 Heavy-duty Corner Connector Automatic Cutting Saw
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