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LZ3FX-235×100 Lock Hole copy-routing Milling Machine


Lock Hole copy-routing Milling Machine
Product Details

●Used for aluminum windows and doors of various types of milling grooves lock mounting hole.

●Composed of horizontal three-hole drilling and vertical copy milling.

●Three-hole drill head up and down movement of the guide posts guide increases, to ensure parallel to the bottom surface of three holes.

●The three-hole drill is arranged in the rear, which is easy to operate and conforms to the principle of ergonomics.

●Three-hole drilling liquid damping automatic feeding, reduce labor intensity.

●Profiling profiling using a template and two kinds of profiling assisted positioning mode.

Technical Parameters:

Air pressure 0.5~0.8MPa

Input power 380V/50HZ

Input power 2.6KW

Milling cutter diameter φ5 φ8m

Profiling range 235×100mm

Three-hole drill center distance 21.5*21.5mm

Dimensions 1000*1130*1500mm

Consulting: LZ3FX-235×100 Lock Hole copy-routing Milling Machine
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