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LW-CNC-100 CNC Profile Bending Machine


CNC Profile Bending Machine
Product Details

●This machine is mainly used for the arc bending processing of metal profiles and special-shaped profiles made of iron, copper, aluminum and other materials. It is an ideal equipment for the arc bending process of furniture manufacturers, iron engineering manufacturers, aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers, and decorative steel enterprises.

●Fully automatic numerical control system, easy to operate, high precision of bending. Thoroughly solve the arc bending industry problems such as inaccurate bending, easy deformation of products, easy scratches on the surface, and easy wrinkles.

●Special numerical control software makes the arc bending operation of the profile very simple.

●It can bend C-shaped, U-shaped, elliptical, round, S-shaped and other shapes.

●It can detect the rebound data of the material and eliminate the rebound.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply 380V/50HZ

Input power 4kw

Min. bending diameter 450mm

Max. width of processed profile 150mm

Max. diameter of roller mold 180mm

Hydraulic cylinder pressure 160KN

Roller spindle diameter 40mm

Spindle speed 1~8r/min

Positioning accuracy 0.05mm

Max. stroke of upper wheel 180mm

Dimensions 1150×1050×1050mm

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